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326208/26/2006 Rndom Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Sep 1, 2006
      I saw Dean, W4WHN in EL94 spotted on PJ and see Bob, W0PTI in EM56 was
      heard on 2m last week. I think that is first time they have been
      reported. Welcome Dean and Bob.

      Station 2m
      AF4O - Worked K9KNW
      KC0HLN - Nothing heard
      WA5UFH - CWNR K9KNW, heard W0PTI, AF4O and WA4HFN
      N5SIX - CWNR K9KNW, heard AF4O and WA4HFN tropo

      Station 6m
      AF4O - Worked KC0HLN
      KC0HLN - Worked AF4O and WA5UFH
      WA5UFH - Worked KD5JGA and KC0HLN, heard W0IOH, K9SQL and N5SIX
      N5SIX - Heard AF4O b/s before early QRT

      Better rocks tomorrow - Bruce, N5SIX