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3105Summer MS contest, remind and info

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  • YU7GOL
    May 17, 2006
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      Hello MS fans,
      Just remind about summer MS contest, and info about station from north
      america continent who will participate.
      We received couple sugestion about proposal for NA stations, and we
      make decision:


      Another, there is proposal for summer MS contest, and also you can
      find him on home page DL8EBW www.dl8ebw.de , YU1GV http://solair.eunet.yu/~s.ilic
      and on official site YU7 radio amateur union http://www.srv.org.yu/

      SUMMER MS CONTEST 2006 Information:

      Contest Name: Summer MS Contest 2006
      Organizer: RK "Golubinci", YT7G - Golubinci
      Contest period: From: 16.06.2006 2000 UT
      To: 18.06.2006 2000 UT
      Mode: FSK 441
      Categories: SO (Single OP) and MO (Multi OP)
      Qualified Contest
      participants: All licensed radio amateur stations
      Band: 144MHz
      Notes: BCC split system procedure
      is recommended
      ("CQ 368" means that your
      operating frequency is 144.368 MHz).

      A valid QSO must contain these data elements:
      * Call signs
      * Reports
      * Final "rogers" (R)

      Scoring: Each complete QSO = 1 point
      Multiplier: DXCCs
      Calculation of the Final score :
      the number of QSOs multiplied by the number of DXCCs

      Special Requirements:
      * ONLY RANDOM QSOs will be counted, sked QSOs do not count
      toward the final score!
      * Connections that have been agreed on and confirmed on
      the DX cluster will not be counted.
      * Stations are not allowed to change their physical
      location during the contest.
      * Only one TX signal is allowed at any time.
      * Only one successfully completed QSO with any station
      will be counted for the contest score.

      The following Log book extract layout must be used:
      * Date
      * UTC
      * Call sign
      * Reports

      Summary layout:
      * Call signs of all operators.
      * QTH locator.
      * Address of the Headquarters/Home address.
      * Description of the equipment used.
      * Signed declaration of acceptance of contest rules.

      Awards for both categories:
      * 1st place - A plaque
      * Places 1 to 10 - A certificate

      Submission deadline for Log books is 10th of July 2006.
      The logbooks should be sent as an e-mail attachment to:


      Accepted formats are:
      - Plain text - ASCII (Recommended)
      - Microsoft Word Document
      - HTML document

      The Organizer will confirm reception of each logbook.
      Unofficial results will be published no later than 10th of
      August 2006.
      Final results will be published no later then 30th of
      September 2006.
      The results will be posted on SRV and YU1GV home page:

      Wishing you many good contacts,

      Best regards,
      Summer MS C Committee mailto:golmscont@...