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3070RE: [wsjtgroup] Dual Sound Cards

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  • Bob Hart
    Apr 26, 2006

      Assuming you are running XP (any version), you certainly can use two sound
      cards (or more). If you are running ME or 98, it can be done but is much
      more tricky.

      What Creative is really saying is " we don't have the staff, nor is it
      profitable, to support advanced uses of our products due to the sometimes
      difficult configuration issues..".

      Most applications that use sound cards will give you the option of which
      card to use. For those that don't, they will use the card that you have
      specified as the default sound device (Control Panel/Sounds and Audio

      What creative says is true in that Windows can only run one mixer at a time,
      but you can select each sound card individually to set the "mix" for that
      particular card. Since you will only be using one card at a time, this
      isn't an issue.

      The only issue I see is I believe you said you have two of the same card.
      It might be confusing which one you are selecting/mix adjusting... But with
      some playing around and experience, you might notice that one card is always
      listed before the other.. Hopefully.
      If not, you may want to get a different card.. Perhaps a cheapo 16-bit
      which, and please community, correct me if I am wrong, is plenty of card for
      sound/radio applications. In fact I do believe most sound card applications
      say don't get fancy with expensive sound cards.

      Get into that box and try it out. Feel free to contact me offlist if you
      have further questions.

      Best of Luck and God Bless!


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      Is anyone having success using dual Creative Labs
      Live! 24 Bit sound cards? I'd like to run one
      card for ham radio, and the other for music/other sound applications.

      I may have made the mistake of purchasing a
      second card from Creative, who, in their response
      to my question about dual sound cards, said
      "....please note that we do not support two or
      more sound cards or integrated sound or external
      sound devices in one system simultaneously for
      the reason that they will probably not function
      together properly due to conflicts, if at
      all. Windows cannot support more than one audio
      mixer simultaneously. The sound card was not
      designed for this function. Therefore, we can not
      provide support for two or more sound cards in the same system."

      Any tips/suggestions would be warmly welcomed!


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