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303903/25/2006 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Mar 31, 2006
      Reports fair for 2m but 6m looked good last session.  Good to see a few more in the worked column on 2m.  Same patern was true for Sprints Tuesday night (Wed UTC). It was nice to see Buff. WB2SIH reported.  Don't forget about the "leap ahead" time change coming up.  Hopefully that will help rouse out some Mountain and Pacific time zone op's.

      Station 2m
      K4KO   - Worked AA2VW, CWNR WA3LTB and WB2SIH, heard WA4HFN
      WA3LTB - Worked KM5ES, WA4HFN and W9RVG, heard K4KO and K9KNN
      AA2WV  - Worked K4KO
      WA4HFN - WA3LTB
      KI0LE  - CWNR WA7ADK, heard AA2WV and WA3LTB
      WA5UFH - Tried K4YMQ not complete, heard WA3LTB and KM5ES
      K4YMQ  - Lost WA5UFH, CWNR K8MD, heard AA2WV and K9KNW
      KC0HLN - Worked WE9Y, heard WB2SIH
      W0IOH  - Nothing heard

      Station 6m
      K1JT   - Worked WB9F and CQ'ed but nothing heard
      WA4HFN - Worked WA5UFH, KM5ES and N5OSK, heard K5DNL
      N9EGT  - Worked N5OSK, heard WB9F, K8MD and WA5UFH
      N5OSK  - Worked WA5UFH, WA4HFN, N9EGT and KI0LE, heard
                 K1JT, WB9F and K5DNL
      KI0LE  - Worked N5OSK, CWNR W6ZI, heard WB9F, KM5ES, K1JT,
                 K8MD, WA4HFN, N9EGT, KC0HLN, AA2WV and K5DNL
      WA5UFH - Worked W0IOH, N5OSK and WA4HFN, CWNR K8MD (D10), WB9F,
                 N9EGT, KC0HLN, W6ZI and K5DNL
      WB9F   - Worked W1IPL and K1JT, heard KN4SM and W6ZI
      KC0HLN - Worked K5DNL, heard KM5ES, W6ZI, WA5UFH and N5OSH
      W0IOH  - Worked KE7DJD, WA5UFH and KC0HLN

      Better rocks tomorrow - Bruce, N5SIX