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2984Phantom JT65B EME callsigns

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  • Philip
    Mar 2, 2006
      Hello all,

      A few days ago I thought that I would try listening for JT65B EME
      stations, I saw on the Dxcluster some activity on 144.135MHz so I
      to there and pointed my yagi at the moon.

      Using WSJT version 4.9.6 with my RigExpert interface I began
      and wow! Within 30 minutes I saw

      170301 1 -25 0.4 -70 26 # G0ISW SP8RHP KO10 O ?

      Strange?? Why was my callsign shown as I wasn't transmitting? Had I
      really heard SP8RHP off the moon?

      My suspicions increased a little later on when I saw the callsign
      EI4VWZ appear. 2 stations heard now on a frequency spotted for
      someone else, too good to be true.

      As an experiment just now, I tried again and didn't point at all at
      moon, hey preston this time a callsign from the USA has been

      Can anyone tell me why these phantom callsigns are being displayed? I
      would like to have confidence that any call displayed is a genuine
      it seems the software is grabbing callsigns and locator squares from
      the database of active stations somehow.

      I cannot use any higher version of WSJT as they do not work with my
      RigExpert interface.

      I haven't heard of such phantom callsigns before and have never
      experienced such a thing despite using WSJT and fsk441 for years.

      73 de Philip G0ISW