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2979PC hesitates on TX...?

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  • Andy GD0TEP
    Mar 1, 2006
      Hi people.

      My PC seems to hesitate when coming up to TX when using JT65, and I can't
      figure out why...

      Using WSJT 4.9.8 and with very little in the way of other programmes running
      (no anti-virus, no firewall or other such programmes) With the PC clock set
      right, if I watch the time on the WSJT programme, the seconds tick by, 57,
      58, (small pause) 59 moves quickly to 00, then a long pause and the clock
      jumps to 03 seconds. In this 3 seconds, the TX turns on between 1 and 2
      seconds, tones can be heard at 3 seconds.

      I can't be 100% sure, but I think this delay is upsetting the time of the
      tones as when it comes to the end of the TX period, some time there's a long
      single tone, some times it's chopped prior to this single tone being sent.

      I've set the priority of WSJT to 'high' but it didn't make any difference.

      The machine is a new build, windows XP home, with all the updates, the
      hardware is a P4 - 3ghz with 1.5gb of ram. The processor has hyper
      threading, and I've tried turning it off (as it is right now) or, running
      with it on... but there's no difference.

      Anyone got any ideas as to what the problem may be??

      Thanks in advance.

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