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2978computer help request

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  • Dan K9ZF
    Feb 27, 2006
      I'm having some trouble with my laptop, which is my primary WSJT and
      logging machine.

      I'm using an old IBM Thinkpad 560x. It's a Pentium 233 mmx, with 64 mb
      ram, running Win98 lite.

      Here is the trouble. I noticed the other day that I had lost my network
      connection. I have a wireless router at home, and use a Xircom pcmcia
      wireless adapter with the Thinkpad. I opened control panel and it shows
      both pcmcia slots as empty. There was no lights showing on the card
      either... I tried a couple of reboots, but there was no change. So I
      figured that my network card had died. I tried another Xircom network
      card, but it didn't work either. I also tried switching between the two
      ports, no help there either. I also tried uninstalling the pcmcia ports
      and reboot, letting plug 'n' play reinstall the ports. No change.

      Am I missing anything? Have the pcmcia ports died on my old machine?
      Is this a common failure?

      I guess it's time to replace the old laptop, it's just bad timing. And
      the old 560x still does just about everything I need for a portable
      machine. But I really need my network connection as it's the only good
      way I have of transferring data on and off the machine, aside from a
      floppy drive...

      Any comments appreciated!

      K9ZF /R no budget Rover ***QRP-l #1269
      Check out the Rover Resource Page at: <http://www.qsl.net/n9rla>
      List Administrator for: InHam+grid-loc+ham-books
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