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283201/07/2006 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Jan 13, 2006
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      Obviously 6 better than 2 judging by reports. Congratulations to
      Marshall, W9RVG on his 100 grids via 6m meteor scatter. The certificate
      will look nice I can assure you! We may see some new calls popping up
      in the next week or so. There have been several new ones on PJ and they
      have been getting kinks worked out.

      Station 2m
      KG7CN - Nothing heard
      KE2N - Worked KB8U, heard K8EB and VA phone net on .140 !
      AF4O - Heard KC0HLN, K8EB and KE2N
      W0IOH - Nothing heard
      KC0HLN - Rpt's from AF4O not complete, heard CQ's from K4KO
      and K8EB
      N5SIX - Zip, nada, flat nothing heard
      Station 6m
      K1JT - Worked N0PB, WB9IIV, K4KO, WB9f, AF4O and N5SIX
      KG7CN - Heard KE7NR and WOIOH, CQ'ed no replies
      KE2N - Worked K8EB, N5OSK, K4KO, N0PB, K5DNL and VA phone net
      using .260 alternate to .250 !!!!
      AF4O - Worked K1JT, heard K5DNL, KE5DYH, KE2N, N0PB, K4KO, K9SQL
      and N5SIX
      K4KO - Worked N5SIX, K1JT, K5DNL and KE2N, tried AF4O incomplete,
      heard WB9F and N3LL
      WB9F - Worked N0PB and K1JT, heard N5SIX, W9RVG, K5DNL, W5UWB, K4KO,
      KC0HLN and KE2N
      W0IOH - Worked N0PB, heard N5SIX
      KC0HLN - Worked N5SIX, heard N0PB, K1JT (cq and calling N5OSK)
      N5SIX - Worked K5DNL, K4KO, N0PB, KC0HLN and K1JT, heard K9SQL, N9EGT
      and N3RN

      Better rocks tomorrow - Bruce, N5SIX