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  • Randy Tipton
    Jan 13, 2006
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      Congratulations to W9RVG, Marshall in EM57, who has earned the WSJTGROUP
      Century Grid Award (CGA) for 100 grids worked via HSMS on six meters. The
      date of his 100th contact was January 7 of this year. This date earned is
      also posted on the CGA Standings.

      The CGA award is unique because this operator knows of no other organization
      that has special awards for meteor scatter only contacts. There are probably
      some old timers who qualify with a date earned maybe prior to WSJT when HSCW
      was the norm or shortly after the initial release of WSJT. Both the Random
      QSO Award and Century Grid Awards are worthy of framing. Endorsements are in
      increments of 50 for the CGA award and at this time are posted with the CGA

      Don't forget the January contest. Schedules are necessary unless you're
      going to be like me an look for random contacts on the call frequency. Also
      almost immediately following the Weekend contest the WSJTGROUP Fall/Winter
      Sprint is Tuesday night the 24th. (Consult the webpage if you need
      information, it is both 2 & 6 meters)

      CGA Standings http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/WSJTGROUP/CGAStandings.htm

      Sprint Info http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/WSJTGROUP/SprintRules.htm

      For the WSJTGROUP
      Tip WA5UFH
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