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  • wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 1, 2006
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      This note is sent out once each month. All members are encouraged to become
      familiar with all the processes and to use them. This group strives to
      be �Best in Class�.

      Group Activities:
      Two Annual Contests (Sponsors the NAHSMS Contest)
      Six Annual Sprints (The Fall / Winter Sprints)
      Fifty Two Activity Periods (Saturday Random Hour)

      Awards Program:
      Random QSO Award http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/WSJTGROUP/Awards
      Century Grid Award http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/WSJTGROUP/CGARules

      Data Collection (Documenting Shower Results)

      Home Page
      Helpful information and WSJTGROUP Processes Explained

      This group works because all members contribute. The following list is
      recognition of stations who have taken special assignments for all to benefit
      Current Contest Leaders - K2TXB;K1JT;N6ENU;WB2FKO
      Random Hour / Sprints - WA3LTB;N5SIX;WA5UFH
      Awards / Certificates � WB2FKO;N6ENU
      Weekly Random Hour Reports � N5SIX
      Webpage Champions � WB2FKO;WA5UFH
      Six Meter Standings - K1SIX
      Yahoo Moderators � K2TXB;WA3LTB;N5SIX;N6ENU;WA5UFH

      Members should participate in the email processes. Messages should be on topic
      relating to the use of the WSJT Application, equipment questions
      or posts relating to propagation modes Meteor Scatter, Weak Signal Tropo or
      EME. Stations SHOULD NOT post band openings to the reflector. The reflector is
      not a propagation board!

      When attempting to make schedules via the reflector, it is helpful to those
      responding if the email address is supplied in the body of the note so that
      stations might easily reply directly to you and not the entire reflector.

      Membership Listing: http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/WSJTGROUP//Matrix
      As of Dec 2005 the membership is 589 strong.

      WSJTGROUP Purpose:
      To promote the furtherance of WSJT and to preserve an enhance the use of
      Meteor Scatter, Weak Signal QSO's and EME on all VHF / UHF bands. The
      modes FSK441, JT6M, JT65 and JT44 are all discussed on this reflector. Meteor
      Scatter Random QSO's are encouraged on recognized calling frequencies of
      50.260 & 144.140 MHz. Thanks to all the valued members.

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