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2734Re: [wsjtgroup] NAHSMS contest

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  • Walter Miller, AJ6T
    Dec 10, 2005
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      The flux of daily random meteors peaks at local sunrise, but the best
      time for shower meteors depends upon a different geometry. In the case
      of the Geminid shower underway now, the best path is generally
      north-south at about 10 PM local time. Go to this page
      http://www.qsl.net/w8wn/hscw/access.html and download the small DOS
      utility program called TMSP ("The Meteor Scatter Predictor"). It will
      give you some useful guidance on peak times and directions for shower

      Walt, AJ6T

      G. Horvath wrote:

      >Hi all,
      >I don't have much of an antenna at the new home QTH yet, so I'm planning
      >to do a little /P operation Sunday on 6m and 2m.
      >Can someone tell me what's the best time for this particular shower? I
      >mean, early morning (sunrise) or like I read somewhere "Radiant rises
      >around sunset in north".
      >I'd like to be on the air when the rocks are there too.
      >I'll listen, and call CQ U5-10 on 50.260 and 144.140, and will try to
      >QSY stations to the other band (QSY 145 or QSY 265). No internet access
      >when /P.
      >Gabor, VE7DXG, CN88eu
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