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2728NAHSMS contest

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  • G. Horvath
    Dec 9, 2005
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      Hi all,
      I don't have much of an antenna at the new home QTH yet, so I'm planning
      to do a little /P operation Sunday on 6m and 2m.
      Can someone tell me what's the best time for this particular shower? I
      mean, early morning (sunrise) or like I read somewhere "Radiant rises
      around sunset in north".
      I'd like to be on the air when the rocks are there too.
      I'll listen, and call CQ U5-10 on 50.260 and 144.140, and will try to
      QSY stations to the other band (QSY 145 or QSY 265). No internet access
      when /P.
      Gabor, VE7DXG, CN88eu
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