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2706Re: WSJT version 5.9.0 ??

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  • Philip
    Dec 4, 2005

      I found this on the MixW RigExpert site:

      "The Virtual Communication Port (VCP) driver is needed to provide a low-
      level operating system support for the MixW RigExpert. After installing
      the driver, the device appears to the system as an extra COMxx port (in
      addition to any existing COM ports).

      The Virtual COM Port is created by the driver for internal use only.
      This means that you can not use this "COMxx" with software which does
      not support the MixW RigExpert device directly."

      I wonder if this means that if we ask Joe Taylor very nicely, he might
      be able to help all us guys out by making the latest version of WSJT


      Philip G0ISW
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