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2614RE: [wsjtgroup] Scatter in the 60's

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  • Charles AF4O
    Nov 4, 2005

      Good to see that picture. My elmer K4ZJ (now a sk, someone in GA has his call) took me by to see that dish when I was maybe 18 or 19 (late 70’s). We were in Memphis for another reason which I forget. But unfortunately Paul was not home at the time and I did not get to see the goodies inside. HHK’s station is/was about 60 miles from here.





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      Joe Taylor wrote:

      > Subject: Re: [wsjtgroup] Scatter in the 60's
      > ...We ran Saturday morning CW skeds with W4IKK in Tennessee and
      > W4RMU in Florida.  We used 30 second transmissions, and found
      > that we could work essentially any time we tried, within
      > 15-30 minutes.

      Joe, I wonder if that was Paul Wilson, W4HHK, you are speaking of?  If so, he was one of the very early pioneers of meteor scatter communications and having worked with him is really great.  I wish I had known him.  I only ever worked him once, on 13 CM EME, from K2UYH.  Here is a picture of him and his dish from the front cover of QST, March 1968.  Maybe it won't come through on the list, so I will send this message to you directly as well.

      73, Russ K2TXB

      Paul Wilson, W4HHK, appeared on the cover of the March 1965 QST with his 18-foot dish mounted on a 35-foot high platform.

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