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260Re: [wsjtgroup] Help!

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  • Andrew T. Flowers, K0SM
    Dec 1, 2002
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      I'm sorting through over 100 e-mail from the past week, so I appologize
      if this has already been said! The most common reason for this is that
      you are not on frequency with the other station. You need to be within
      200 Hz of the other guy for the program to decode reliably. Just
      because your radio has a digital readout doesn't mean it is right--my
      FT-290R/II is 500Hz "low" so I have to compensate everytime I run a sked.

      Other possiblities are
      1) DSP reduction/filtering --In every case that I have seen, DSP NR will
      butchcer a FSK441ping, along with packet or any other medium-high-speed
      data signal.

      2) AGC. The program looks at spikes in AF ampitude as possible "ping
      candidates" in the decoding process. Haveing your AGC on will defeat
      this purpose. If you have a selectable AGC, set it to "fast" or "off".
      A manual decode by right-clicking should still work in this case.

      If you still have throuble, e-mail me a wav file of a ping that doesn't
      decode and I'll try to spit out a diagnosis. Best thing to do is to
      keep running some skeds with experienced stations in the 800-1000mi
      range. Most of them can halp you track down the problem on the air too.
      Tony, WA8RJF, is also active in your square if you want to local help.

      Good luck!
      Andy K0SM/2

      Grant Hedrick wrote:

      >I have installed WSJT, but I am getting only garbage. I followed the
      >instructions I found on the web to calibrate the levels between radio &
      >soundcard, but perhaps I missed something? I heard a few really long pings
      >last night, but got no intelligible text. What am I doing wrong!!!
      >I have attached a screen shot showing a couple pings. Someone, PLEASE point
      >me in the right direction!
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