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2419Antenna Idea for 6m

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  • jfelts13
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Looks like my son will be here week after next, one thing he plans to
      do is get my puny lil tower up for me. Tower is only a 20footer, and 2m
      beam will be at 26ft. The RG8M coax will be be replaced with RG-213
      down to the base, then switch to LRM-400 into the shack. I don't think
      LMR-400 can take the constant twisting. That will get the 2m beam up
      about 8 feet higher than it is now.

      I'm trying to figure out what to do for 6m other than using my lil Par
      OA-50. Nothing wrong with it but my 5 watts needs a lil better antenna.
      I'm not sure about how much distance I need between the 2m beam and
      what ever I put up for 6m. All I do know is there will be 6foot between
      them. Any sugguestions??

      oh one comment, more power is not a option on 6m. hi hi Its already bad
      enough that I cheat on 2m with 160watts.

      Jerry - NR5A
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