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  • KY1K
    Sep 1, 2005
      I also monitor the lowfer mailing list and have some experience with
      wwvb vlf receivers.

      One can build a single chip wwvb converter, feed it into a PC running
      SpectrumLab and extract audio. SpectrumLab has a WWVB decoder built
      in (a macro), so this gives you a very small and inexpensive wwvb
      receiver to display the time.

      A very nice WWVB converter can be made from a 20 to 56 Khz crystal
      oscillator (or 64 to 90 Khz crystal). AVOID mixing schemes that put
      the loran 100 Khz signals at the same IF output frequency as WWVB
      uses....the loran signals at 100 Khz are VERY VERY VERY strong and
      can interfere. Take the oscillator output and feed it into an SA602
      mixer chip (2 milliamps supply current). The chip will give you audio
      within the range of your sound card, which makes the WWVB receiver itself.

      Many users on the East Coast have sporadic WWVB reception during the
      day, but many west of the Mississippi locations can receive WWVB
      almost 24/7. A full time (nearly 24/7) receive capability exists IF
      the user has a wire antenna of almost any sort and winds 10 or 20
      turns around any atomic clock to couple the signal to the clocks
      built in loop antenna. Here in Maine, my WWVB is very spotty
      (sometimes going without WWVB reception for 2 weeks at a time) with
      stock WWVB receivers. But, 95 percent of the time, I can decode WWVB
      if I couple any wire antenna to the receiver as outlined. So, WWVB is
      nearly 24/7 IF you have any kind of wire antenna available.

      VLF receiver plans using single chip mixers are available from
      several of the lowfer users websites, google for them.

      I do not know of a program to get the time signal data written into
      the PC clock however. It's an easy job for a PIC or any PC software
      utility program however. Does anyone know of a PIC or PC program that
      will take WWVB signal and write it to the PC clock directlly?

      GL to all.


      PS:For those in EU or other parts of the world, there are other VLF
      time signals that can be decoded using the techniques above.

      At 06:50 AM 9/1/2005, you wrote:

      >Multipsk comes with a clock program designed to be used with WWV and
      >You will have to tune to the time standard station.
      >Bill WA0YPL DM37dt
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