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1967Re: [wsjtgroup] DSP Speakers

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  • Lon Hale
    Apr 4, 2005
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      Love mine Phil no complaints I run the Clearspeech which was made prior to Heils aquisition of NCT's patent, have ran it on all of my vhf-uhf rigs and vast improvement on all!
      Have also tryed the Timewave DSP-9 and JPS NIR-10 NIR-10 is far more effective then Timewave but all help dig out weaksigs ie beacons magicallly appear.But for ease of use I much prefer the Clearspeech it never gets turned off, delay time is minumal as well.White noise and birdys disapear which can be a problem.
      Lon de W8LON

      pde_porter <pd246@...> wrote:

      Greetings all, I primarily operate cw, weak signal VHF & UHF and
      high speed meteor scatter. Recently I have been reading about the
      Gap "Hear It' and the Heil "Clear Speech" DSP speaker systems. Both
      seem to have product reviews ranging from "greatest thing ever"
      to "wouldn't pollute the lake with it", so I am once again turning to
      you people to ask for actual operating experiences. How much delay
      is there through the systems, how effective are they on reducing
      white noise and power line noise, have you had feedback problems, how
      isthe audio quality, how well do they work with headphones, any other
      systems work better, etc? All information will be appreciated. 73,
      Phil - N1KI

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