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196103/26/2005 Random Hour Summary

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  • bbrackin@bellsouth.net
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Station 2m
      W5UWB - Worked XE2AT, heard KE7NR
      WB2FKO - Worked N6ENU
      W5SNX - Nothing heard
      KI0LE - Heard KE2N
      AF4O - Heard WA3LTB, W3KWH, and KE2N
      K5DNL - Heard WA5UFH and KE7NR
      WA5UFH - Heard KE7NR, N0PB, KC0HLN and W5UWB tropo
      WY4D - Heard K8MD, N0PB and KB5SSJ
      XE2AT - Worked W5UWB
      W0IOH - Tried and BC from KC0HLN, CWNR KE7NR and K8EB
      KC0HLN - Tried W0IOH, heard KE2N

      Station 6m
      KG7CN - CWNR KE7NR, heard AJ6T
      W5SNX - CWNR K8MD, heard K2BLA
      KI0LE - Tried K8EB not complete, heard K8MD, KE2N, W3KWH
      and N9EGT
      AA9MY - Worked N5SIX/m (EM53)
      W9SE - Heard KI0LE, N0PB b/s, K8EB b/s, N9EGT b/s and WD0M
      WD0M - Heard VA6SZ, W9SE and W0IOH
      AF4O - Heard K8MD, W3KWH,, N9EGT, KE2N, K0NPR and WA5UFH
      K5DNL - CWNR K5LXP, KB0USF and KE7NR, heard K8MD, WA5UFH,
      K0NPR and K0IOH
      WA5UFH - Worked N5SIX/m(EM54), BC's from KB0USF and K0NPR,
      CWNR K5LXP, heard K8EB, KI0LE, K8MD, W0IOH, KC0HLN,
      WA4HFN and K2BLA
      AJ6T - CWNR to KI7JA's CQ, heard one other but no decode
      WY4D - Heard N9EGT, N0PB, KE2N, N5SIX/m, and KI0LE
      K9SQL - Worked KE2N, heard K8EB, N9EGT, N0PB, K8MD, WA4HFN
      and W3KWH
      W0IOH - Worked N0PB, CWNR K8EB, heard WA5UFH, K5DNL and KB0USF
      KC0HLN - Nothing heard
      N5SIX/M - from EM53 worked AA9MY and K8MD, from EM54 worked WA5UFH
      and K8MD, heard W5SNX CQ, WA4HFN tropo, KI0LE, K8EB.
      Worked K2BLA from EM54 after RH.

      Better rocks tomorrow - Bruce, N5SIX
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