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1583RE: [wsjtgroup] laptop RFI--help!

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  • Jon W0AMT
    Dec 19, 2004
      Hi Andy,

      You mention a 12V-19V DC-DC converter, they can be very noisy. Does the
      noise drop when the laptop is running on battery alone? The laptop I
      have used for roving is an older compaq it is pretty quiet except when
      the external power supply has to charge the battery as well as operate
      the laptop. When the computer has stopped charging the battery the noise
      is very low. My only other suggestion is to try a different DC-DC
      Converter. The best ones I have found are made by Zahn Electronics.

      73, Jon

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      Hi folks,

      The new K0SM rover just made it's maiden voyage down the street. I've
      upgraded to more metal, and given that I was S4 down in EM25 I think it's
      working. My big problem right now is the noise generated by the
      computer. It appears to be when the computer is plugged into the
      ciggarette lighter in the Honda CRV. All other stuff is directly to the
      battery via a rigrunner interface. I wonder what solutions people have
      come up with. Right now it's pretty crippling as it raises the noise
      floor about 20 dB. I'm using a compaq presario of 1999 vintage I think,
      with a standard 12V-19V DC-DC converter on the input. the converter
      doesn't seem to be too noisy--just when the computer is turned on.

      I'll try another laptop in the meantime, but i wonder if anyone has any
      experience with this and can offer some pointers. The older, more
      well-behaved computer is SK now...

      Andy K0SM
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