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1573RE: [wsjtgroup] Random technique

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  • Russ K2TXB
    Dec 15, 2004
      Hi Bruce, sorry I missed you. The only station in your area I heard calling
      me was AC5TM, and he had a good signal but disappeared after I started
      answering him. Actually that happened a few times - where stations would
      answer me and then disappear. The rocks are very random and it takes a
      certain amount of patience.

      One possible reason is that the station suddenly got a sked on Ping Jockey,
      and abandoned the attempt to work me. That is just the breaks, but it would
      be nice if they would try me again when they get free.

      73, Russ K2TXB

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      > From: Bruce Brackin [mailto:bbrackin@...]
      > Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 7:24 PM
      > To: wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [wsjtgroup] Random technique
      > Mark - I'm pretty well totally random when on the road so I CQ D7 from
      > .260 In rockmobile (or here), I'll call about 10 minutes and then
      > monitor 10 and call again. If nothing heard after a round or two, I
      > park on .260 to monitor till ready to try calling again and back to D7.
      > Goes without saying to make sure you are in right sequence for the main
      > direction you want to try and work (but 6m can fool you on back
      > scatter). In running randoms, I think a wide front lobe is really an
      > advantage as many of the long booms guys have got to be looking almost
      > straight at you for you to get their attention, particularly those
      > closer in. I don't have to worry about that in the truck with the loop!
      > As an aside, it seems a number on 6m consistently use CQ D7/D5 or U5/U6
      > so no harm in listening around a few minutes on each. I saw 3-4 q's on
      > .260 using RH message formats. 2m always tuffer but heard and tried
      > Russ on his D35 CQ. Somebody that runs more 2m than me may want to
      > comment on likely spots to catch folks - my experience would say .113
      > and .144 are two of the most common U/D freqs.
      > GL - Bruce, N5SIX
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