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1545Combined 11/20 and 11/27 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Dec 3, 2004
      House full and holidays last week so decided to "let it ride" and do a combined report this time.  Hope all had their fill of turkey.  Several new faces spotted in last couple of weeks and we had some on for the first time in good while.  Welcome Ron, WZ1V in FN31 (CT); Robert, K8NTK in EN64 (MI); Jim, W5AOX in DM65 (NM).  Also good to have the "Joe's" join in again - KB1CJ, K9KNW and K1JT and Denis, WB8SKP.
      11/20/04 Random Hour Summary

      Station 2m
      W5UWB  - Heard N5SIX, W5SNX, WAQ5UFH and AF4O
      W5SNX  - Heard WZ1V CQ, K4FJW CQ, RRR (K8)MD - from Tip
      AF4O   - Worked Wz1V
      K4FJW  - Heard W5SNX and W5UWB
      WW2R   - Tried K8TNK no joy, heard N5SIX, NJ0U, K1JT and K8MD
      WA5UFH - Worked K8MD (1186 mi and 70 min) and heard NJ0U, AF4O,
                  W5SNX, N5SIX and K4FJW
      KI0LE  - Saw R27 UHF (from K8MD), NJ0U rpts to N5SIX, CQ W5SNX,
                  KC0HLN, WC4Z AND WZIV
      KI7JA  - Worked KE7NR
      K0OG   - Tried W5SNX, heard K8NTK cq AND UFH RRR (K8MD)
      KC0HLN - Heard W5SNX cq and calling UFH
      N5SIX  - Worked NJ0U, heard tons of R27 UFH fron K8MD and W5SNX cq

      Station 6m
      W5SNX  - Worked K1JT, K8ROX, N5SIX, K1JT with WC4N and K4FJW
      AF4O   - Heard K1JT, WW2R, N5SIX, WA5UFH, WC4N and K4FJW
      K4FJW  - Worked K1JT, N5SIX and heard K1SIX, W5SNX, WW2R,
                  K1VW and WC4N
      WW2R   - Worked W0IOH, tried W5SNX and heard K4FJW, N5SIX,
                  K8ROX and K1JT
      WA5UFH - Worked W0IOH heard AF4O, W5SNX, N5SIX, K8ROX calling,
                  and WW2R
      KI0LE  - Worked K1JT, heard W5SNX, W0IOH, K8ROX, N5SIX, WC4N,
                  K1SIX, WB8SKP and K4FJW
      W9SE   - Heard N5SIX, K1JT, W5SNX, W0IOH, W1VW, partials from
                   WB8SKP and K8NTK
      KI7JA  - Nothing heard
      W0IOH  - Worked WW2R and WA5UFH 
      KC0HLM - Nothing heard
      N5SIX  - worked K1JT, K8ROX and K4FJW, tried K1SIX and K1VW,
                  heard W5SNX with K1JT, K8NTK CQ and RRR SKP (K8NTK?)


      11/27/04 Random Hour Summary

      Station 2m
      N3FZ   - Earwigging heard K9ZF, AF4Om K2OVS b/s, W5SNX and K9KNW
      W5AOX  - Heard KE7NR off back calling WA5UFH
      KB1CJ  - Heard one big burn on AF4O answering CQ, no joy,
                  heard W5SNX
      KM5PO  - Heard N0RQ calling W5SNX, KE7NR CQ, W8LON CQ, AI3W CQ and
                 BC/RPT from W0IOH to UFH changing to RRR UFH
      AF4O   - Heard KB1CJ CQ, W5SNX CQ, W8LON CQ, AI3W CQ and a 73 UFH
      WA5UFH - Worked W5SNX, W0IOH and KE7NR, heard W5AOX
      W5SNX  - Worked WA5UFH, tried WC4N
      K9ZF   - Heard K2OVS callin and tried, no joy, W5SNX calling UFH,
                 CQ's from AF4O, KB1CJ, W5SNX, WC4N and AI3W
      W0IOH  - Worked WA5UFH, heard KE7NR and WY0V

      Station 6m
      AF4O   - Heard and called W5SNX
      WA5UFH - Worked KE7NR and W5SNX, tried K4FJW and heard W9BLI, N0RQ
      W5SNX  - Worked WA5UFH
      K9ZF   - Worked K2OVS, heard WC4N cq
      W0IOH  - Heard KE7NR
      N5SIX  - Heard Gurgles and Bubbles, Worked Rotor-Rooter!!

      Looks like good conditions the last couple of weeks and let's hope for the same tomorrow

      Bruce, N5SIX
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