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1521RE: [wsjtgroup] FSK441 "squelch"

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  • Randy Tipton
    Nov 22, 2004


      I venture to say that over 99% of contact attempts on both two and six meters are using FSK441A for all the reason you stated.

      During the Random Hour Activity Periods we all tried the FEC modes but a quick consensus was soon reached that the old

      FSK441A mode was the best.


      Having stated that, I believe that JT6M on six meters has a place in the tool box for propagation modes other than meteor scatter. It works

      well for meteor scatter but if the pings end up all being short which is common for longer distances, then you will wish you were running FSK441A instead.


      I understand that little six meter meteor scatter work is being done in Europe with no six meter allowance for the MS  Contests. Maybe one day six meters will

      be allowed in enough Eu countries to promote some meteor scatter experimentation there also.


      Thanks to Joe for his diversity of modes so we can all experiment and have fun.








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      From: Catharinus PE1AHX in JO21OS [mailto:pe1ahx@...]
      Monday, November 22, 2004 3:40 PM
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      just curious, do you use FSK441A on 6m or one of the versions with FEC?  I
      would think that monitoring with the FEC modes brings less garbage and
      would make some signal more usable but at the tradeoff of burstlength
      needed.  I am not familiar with 6m MS so maybe that is not a concern there.

      Here (on 2m in EU) we only use 441A because of the shorter ping lengths
      needed to get useful info.  Experiments with 441B/441C on 2m have never
      resulted in satisfactory (= fast) results like 441A did.  Especially the
      right-mouseclick feature brings out a lot of useful info.  Now, my feature
      request would be for an automatic right-click on every received burst
      :))  For those who don't know about this read
      http://pulsar.princeton.edu/~joe/K1JT/WSJT300.PDF page 12, heading:
      Mouse-Pick Feature.

      Catharinus PE1AHX

      At 11:45 22-11-2004 -0600, you wrote:

      >Russ I believe youre correct for two meters but for six meters it is not
      >uncommon for me to leave the program in monitor on the call frequency and
      >come back to several decoded pings from stations calling cq. (often times
      >many decoded pings from a single station calling)  When stations like
      >N5SIX are portable it is common to have a screen full of decoded text but
      >I have never experienced this on two meters. So it seems to be possible
      >that what might be a good feature for one band isnt for another? I guess
      >what I am saying is 50MHz scatter is easier than any other VHF band but
      >that is not the subject however what might be cuteon two meters may be
      >useful for those who monitor 50MHz. Would I use such a feature, probably
      >not because if I am where I cannot hear the audio from the radio I am not
      >close to the computer anyway.
      >Boy am I glad the rain has slowed down here in South Texas. Everyone have
      >a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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