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151Re: [wsjtgroup] Suggestions requested

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  • Jacob Tennant
    Aug 13, 2002
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      The time accuracy is not a problem as my cellular phone service uses GPS type time controlled display so all I have to do is set the laptop to the cell phone.
      For amp power, I am trying to setup either a dual-battery system, using a deep-cycle battery charged at home, or I have 6 gell cell batteries fo 17Ah each and would like to try to bank them together so as to get 12Vdc at 6*17Ah=102Ah so another question arrives to do this would it be positive to negative thru all 6 batteries OR all positives and all negatives together?
      For the laptop battery I also have a 34Ah gellcell that I was going to setup for a small inverter for just the laptop.
      PLUS I always carry a jump starter pack that is kept charged at home for when I go out to play on the radio. Been there, done that! Dead battery on a remote mountaintop at 1AM and had to wait till the next morning till I could get ahold of a friend of mine to come give me a jump-start!!!
      Might be a bit vain but, what about remote internet link to the WSJT/JT44 pages? My cellphone can do it but at a cost of $.50/minute!!! But thats a question for later on down the line.  OR Might have to try to find some linked repeaters that some of you folks can hit as well so as to keep abreast of the activity loggers.  Had also planned to use skeds as well as posts to here when going out for a extended period of time.
      Another reason for the 100% mobile is that my darling 13yr. old daughter has dance classes 5 nights a week usually from around 6pm to 9pm area so it helps to have my radios to pass the time...;-) as well as I am a School Bus Driver and have to kill the day from around 9am to 2pm each day.
      Jacob Tennant  K8JWT
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      Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 5:45 PM
      Subject: Re: [wsjtgroup] Suggestions requested

      Hi Jake
      You do need some way of getting the time accurately and for portable operations I use a handheld GPS.
      My portable set up is an FT-847 to a 300 watt mirage amp and a 7 element 2.7 metre long yagi.  I find that with WSJT which is 100% duty cycle it is necessary to back off the power to avoid overheating the amp.
      A further point is that with the high duty cycle and the fact that these modes take a while to complete a QSO it is wise to have a separate battery so you can still start the car.  I use a Honda gen set to keep the second battery charged.
      You also need to think about how you will keep the computer (in my case a Latop charged up).  I use a DC AC inverter to charge the Laptop.  One problem I found is that if I let the Laptop run its battery down it goes into a fast charge mode and this produces RF noise of around 6 dB on the WSJT scale - so it is necessary to keep it on charge all the time.
      73 Rex. VK7MO
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      Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 7:09 AM
      Subject: [wsjtgroup] Suggestions requested

      Hello from Jake Tennant  K8JWT/mobile.

      From the call you can probably tell that due to a crappy home location, I am
      now 100% mobile operation.

      Looking for any suggestions as to ideas etc... for my WSJT/JT44 setup from
      the car.  So far I am running a Alinco DX70t radio into a TE Systems 160watt
      amp. and will be using some type of horizontal/omnidirectional antenna
      except during long haul skeds whereas I have a base for a beam from my rover
      station setup.

      Any ideas for anything else...

      Jacob Tennant  K8JWT

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