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148Setup and QTH question

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  • Gacek, Paul
    Aug 1, 2002

      I am interested in trying WSJT and wondered if my current location and equipment are suitable.

      I have a Yaesu FT100 that delivers 50 watts on VHF feeding a 7 element 2m Yagi. I can run this from my backyard (DM13cn) with the antenna up at 15 feet and am surrounded by hills whose peaks are about 20 to 25 degrees off of the horizon. Will this QTH and setup work?

      Alternatively, I could drag the equipment up to the top of one of the hills and try from there. Would this QTH be markedly better than my home one? Am I being overly optimistic with 50 watts in either location?

      Thanks in advance....

      Paul W6PNG