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  • Randy Tipton
    Aug 2, 2004
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      Russ wrote: It certainly does a lot to encourage and improve MS activity.


      The “Activity Periods” are always fun and as you stated not always ‘qrm free’. They offer an opportunity to break from the “traditional schedules” to something different which is challenging and fun. Don’t forget about the “Random QSO Award” which Terry (WA3LTB) manages for the group. It is an attractive certificate and requires only 15 initials during the Random Hour periods.  For more information about the “RQA” you might look at the WSJTGROUP webpage.  There is also a listing of stations who have already qualified for the award.


      By the way, it’s about time for us to be thinking about the Winter Contest during the Geminids Shower so I will be emailing the moderators soon. I trust you will modify the rules when you have the opportunity <Grin>.







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      From: Russ Pillsbury [mailto:k2txb@...]
      Saturday, July 31, 2004 3:36 PM
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      Today, for the first time in a while I found myself up and at loose ends on a Saturday in time for the activity hours, so decided to participate.  I put the program in monitor mode while I was doing a few things in the shack, and sure enough a few minutes after 1400z I heard a good ping on 2 meters.  It was W5SNX calling CQ and I started to call him, but then realized that Dick was on the second sequence as was I.  I switched to first, only to hear a strong signal on second, a local calling CQ.  Since he was on the correct sequence and I was not, I also switched and started calling W5SNX, hoping he would switch to first.  But as soon as I switched, the local switched to opposite sequence again!  It seemed like he wanted to transmit while I was listening - but that does not make sense because then he would be listening while I was transmitting and be unable to hear a thing unless he was listening on a different frequency.  But he was not using a U/D frequency in his CQ.


      Realizing that I would get nowhere with the situation as it was, I changed over to calling CQ D35 for a while.  But I got no calls on .105.  Periodically I checked 140 and the local was still banging away on the wrong sequence.  How he hoped to work anyone is beyond me.  Eventually he quit and then I also stopped and monitored 140 for a bit.  Almost immediately I copied AF4O calling CQ and started answering him.  Then I copied W5SNX also calling CQ.  Neither one was using a U/D frequency so I stayed there.  It took 15 minutes to complete with Charles. During the whole time I was copying W5SNX's CQ's as well as the transmissions from AF4O.  This was a good exercise in demonstrating that multiple stations can use the frequency simultaneously as I was copying both stations, often in the same sequence, but they never interfered with each other.  The rocks seemed very good as I was often hearing 3 to 4 pings per 30 second period.


      I planned to call W5SNX when I completed with Charles, but Dick started calling Charles so I went back to my CQ D35.  But I never got any calls that I heard, and when I checked back on 140 around 1530 there was no more activity there either.


      So those are the only two dx stations that I heard today.  Charles, thanks for the contact, and Dick, sorry I missed you.  I'll try to participate in the RH event more in the future when I am available.  To the local, I would be happy to discuss HSMS procedure with you on the air if you wish.  Just give me a call on SSB the next time you hear me, or send me an email for a sked.


      Thanks to the wsjtgroup for organizing these events.  It certainly does a lot to encourage and improve MS activity.


      73 to all, Russ K2TXB

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      From: steve plock [mailto:kl7izw@...]
      Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2004 12:44 PM
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      Subject: [wsjtgroup] RH 0407312

      Copied stations were:


      W5SNX    WA3LTB

      K8MD       AF4O

      KM5PO    WA5UFH

      K2TXB      N5SIX

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