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  • Russ Pillsbury
    Jul 31, 2004
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      Today, for the first time in a while I found myself up and at loose ends on a Saturday in time for the activity hours, so decided to participate.  I put the program in monitor mode while I was doing a few things in the shack, and sure enough a few minutes after 1400z I heard a good ping on 2 meters.  It was W5SNX calling CQ and I started to call him, but then realized that Dick was on the second sequence as was I.  I switched to first, only to hear a strong signal on second, a local calling CQ.  Since he was on the correct sequence and I was not, I also switched and started calling W5SNX, hoping he would switch to first.  But as soon as I switched, the local switched to opposite sequence again!  It seemed like he wanted to transmit while I was listening - but that does not make sense because then he would be listening while I was transmitting and be unable to hear a thing unless he was listening on a different frequency.  But he was not using a U/D frequency in his CQ.
      Realizing that I would get nowhere with the situation as it was, I changed over to calling CQ D35 for a while.  But I got no calls on .105.  Periodically I checked 140 and the local was still banging away on the wrong sequence.  How he hoped to work anyone is beyond me.  Eventually he quit and then I also stopped and monitored 140 for a bit.  Almost immediately I copied AF4O calling CQ and started answering him.  Then I copied W5SNX also calling CQ.  Neither one was using a U/D frequency so I stayed there.  It took 15 minutes to complete with Charles. During the whole time I was copying W5SNX's CQ's as well as the transmissions from AF4O.  This was a good exercise in demonstrating that multiple stations can use the frequency simultaneously as I was copying both stations, often in the same sequence, but they never interfered with each other.  The rocks seemed very good as I was often hearing 3 to 4 pings per 30 second period.
      I planned to call W5SNX when I completed with Charles, but Dick started calling Charles so I went back to my CQ D35.  But I never got any calls that I heard, and when I checked back on 140 around 1530 there was no more activity there either.
      So those are the only two dx stations that I heard today.  Charles, thanks for the contact, and Dick, sorry I missed you.  I'll try to participate in the RH event more in the future when I am available.  To the local, I would be happy to discuss HSMS procedure with you on the air if you wish.  Just give me a call on SSB the next time you hear me, or send me an email for a sked.
      Thanks to the wsjtgroup for organizing these events.  It certainly does a lot to encourage and improve MS activity.
      73 to all, Russ K2TXB
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      Copied stations were:
      W5SNX    WA3LTB
      K8MD       AF4O
      KM5PO    WA5UFH
      K2TXB      N5SIX

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