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13043Re: Sound card help pse

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  • g4wjs
    Aug 3, 2014
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      Hi Mark,

      many decodes failing is indeed a symptom of an incorrect default sound card sample rate setting. On Windows XP the default rate setting is in the domain of the device driver and any associated control panel helpers. This means that different hardware with manufacturer supplied drivers have different settings tools. I cannot tell you exactly where to look for your card's default rate setting but it should be accessible somehow from the control panel "Sounds" icon.

      48kHz sample rate is essential in XP for WSJT-X since the operating system rate converter is badly broken and distorts audio streams significantly.

      Windows XP has no proper concept of sharing a sound device, this means that the first application to attach to a sound device has exclusive control on settings. you probably need to ensure that no other application has the sound device open before you attempt to change its settings.

      Hope this helps & 73
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