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13042RE: [wsjtgroup] Sound card help pse

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  • chas cartmel
    Aug 3, 2014
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      If i can offer some advice other than the sound card issue, WSJT-X seems for sensitive to clock error than JT65HF so better synch might help. I use meinberg here. If a ststion does not decode on WSJT due to a clock error of -1.3 (or greater) I sometimes fire up JT65HF to grab the callsign and attempt to contact the guy to advise of the clock error.


      You don’t say what sound card you are using. Is it the integrated one, an internal add-on card, or an external USB dongle.

      I replaced my dongle with an internal Soundblaster card a year or so back (not an expensive one – around $25) and reception was vastly improved.


      As XP is now defunct as regards support I would suggest an upgrade to the OS. Mine went to Windows 7, however this kit is not used for Amateur radio but for my dedicated PlanePlotter server.






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      Hope on right group.  I recently went to WSJT-X v1.3 rev. 3673, after years of using JT65 HF and JT9 stand alone.  I am finding less than 50% decodes on JT65, and have JT65 only checked.

      Read Guide more closely, decided may be the sound card setting is not to the 16 bit, 48000 Hz [DVD Quality], assuming I have that option, described in the Guide  When I go to the sound card settings, the Advanced Properties is greyed out and not found a way into that setting.

      Using XP Pro on 5/6 year old Dell.  This computer seems to do much better decodes on JT65HF.

      Tips or suggestions be appreciated.


      Mark N7MQ


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