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13026WSPR v4.0 r4215 PPA Updated / Released

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  • ki7mt
    Jul 25, 2014
      Hello All,

      Per a discussion with Joe, he's we've locked into WSPR v4.0 svn r4215 for submission to Debian. The Ubuntu 14.10 import freeze (from Debian) is August 7th. Kamal has already looked at a previous package and things semed ok for the most part. If all goes well, we should hit the UBuntu import milestone.

      What this means is, WSPR will be available in the 14.10 repo's which feeds Mint and many others, the same as Debian feeds some 120+ distros. To my knowledge, this is the first inclusion of WSPR for Debian & Friends. Also, I believe Richard has a package working for Fedora as well.

      For the interim, you can install the PPA from my launchpad account if desired. At some point, we'll also make the .deb files (i386, amd64) available for direct installation, but I still need to discuss that with Joe.

      This applies to Ubuntu 14.04, Mint-17 and other distros based on 14.04 repos.

      To Install from the PPA

      Open a terminal, then:

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ki7mt/wspr

      .. the system will fetch the signing key, you may be prompted to accept them. You can verify it against my Launchpad public key if you have concerns.

      sudo apt-get update

      sudo apt-get install wpsr

      To Run

      From the command line, just type: wspr
      From Unity Dash, search WSPR
      From Applications, HamRadio, Audio, AudioVideo, should be under one of them, select WSPR

      Runtime & Other Note(s)

      1). If you want to see the command terminal (audio status, upload event messages, etc), you should run WSPR from a terminal rather than starting from the Menus or Unity Launcher if you use Ubuntu Unity, as the desktop.entry is set for terminal = false to prevent focus being placed on the terminal v.s. WSPR UI

      2). If you decide to remove WSPR (uninstall), even if using the --purge option, "none" of your local files will be removed. This is by design. Only the system files are removed.

      3), All local files are stored in /home/<user-name>/.wspr. To completely remove WSPR, after system removal, simply delete the folder: rm -r /home/<user-name>/.wspr

      4). Updates will be provided as needed, and installed in the usual manner (sudo apt-get update). There will be a wspr-dev version to allow running both the current release version (from the repo's / PPA) as well as the latest development version (from SVN). This will be implemented after formal acceptance into Debian / Ubuntu repos.

      5). Once 14.10 is released, you can remove the PPA + WSPR PPA installation, and install diectly from the repos if desired, or carry on with the PPA, they should match up, it's up to you.

      As always, if you have any problems or issues, post them to the development group.

      Greg, KI7MT