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13018Re: [wsjtgroup] Re: WSJT-X For Backpacking To Rare Grid

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  • Joe Taylor
    Jul 23, 2014
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      Hi Jim,

      K9YC wrote:
      > I did study the doc file, and all I could find was "JT65 signals often
      > decode correctly even when they overlap. Such behavior is much less
      > likely with JT9 signals, which fill their occupied bandwisth more
      > densely. JT65 may also be more forgiving of small frequency drifts." Is
      > frequency stability the only hazard, or is there more?

      Frequency stability, yes. Also, for EME use the JT65 decoder needs to
      allow for changing EME Doppler over the duration of a transmission. And
      any propagation-induced Doppler spreading will be proportionally larger
      at higher frequency.

      > On 6M, I've
      > observed that I get decodes of JT9 signals when I've tuned to the
      > frequency a bit late in the cycle, or when the other station started TX
      > a bit late.

      This is normal, and applies to both JT65 and JT9. With signals somewhat
      well above the normal threshold, good decodes can be obtained even when
      significant portions of the transmission are absent.

      -- Joe, K1JT
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