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12840CAT Control Problem - IC-7410

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  • Mike2673
    Jun 30, 2014
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      I have an Icom IC-7410 and I operate mostly JT65 on WSJT-X (1.3).  I am having a problem with CAT control on WSJT-X.

      I operate in split mode and every time I change frequencies on the waterfall, my rig bounces back and forth between VFOA and VFOB at least 4 times.  i.e. the main readout (RX) starts with VFOB, then goes to VFOA, then goes back to VFOB, etc.  The secondary (TX) frequency display does the opposite.

      This was happening quite rapidly before, but was happening more slowly last night.  So slow that it was taking some seconds to answer someone's CQ.

      I was not able to get the USB port to work correctly for CAT control (I got errors), so I'm using a CI-V cable now.  That solved the CAT errors, but not the VFO switching problem.  This is not a problem in non-split mode, but that significantly limits the effectiveness of JT65 & JT9.

      I didn't have this problem with my prior rigs (Yaesu FTDX1200 & FT-450).  The Icom is still new to my shack.

      The IC-7410 is listed in WSJT-X, but maybe there's some setting I'm missing.  I checked with Icom and they suggested trying HRD, but I don't think I can work split with HRD control?

      Thank you for any suggestions,


      Mike K6MSM