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12835RE: [wsjtgroup] WSJT 1.3 [r3673] crashes Windows 8.1

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  • Bob McCormick
    Jun 29, 2014
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      Kai KE4PT wrote:

      > "Signalink" never explicitly apperas in the device manager
      > table, just "USB audio CODEC".

      Not surprised - maybe Joe W4TV can comment more on what he sees.

      > I then plugged in the Signalink-USB device, and tested Digipan,
      > JT-65HF, and MMTTY successfully, but the moment I started
      > WSJT 1.3 the computer crashed and went into restart.

      My best guess is this is likely due to the calls that WSJT-X is making as
      compared to the other applications. Still - an application's call (in user
      mode) to a driver (in kernel mode) shouldn't take down the operating system.

      > I don't know of a way to trap the error, so I have only the
      > "green screen" message which occurred on two random
      > occasions while I was troubleshooting this problem earlier:
      > PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA with a reference to an
      > issue with the "usbaudio.sys" file

      Assuming stop code 0x50 ... having never encountered a blue/green screen in
      Windows 8 I'm not sure if its displayed similarly to Windows 7 ... normally
      after the stop code there'd be four hex parameters in parens - if those are
      available what are they?

      I forgot if you mentioned - is this 64-bit operating system or 32-bit?

      You could check the Windows event logs and see if any additional information
      can be found there.

      Typically a problem like this would be further troubleshot by reviewing the
      minidump files that are typically created when the system crashes ...

      Few other thoughts / ideas:

      If you've got anything else plugged into a USB port remove it. The problem
      with this is sometimes internal devices are also connected to the same USB
      bus and you can't remove those. I'm not familiar with DELL's consumer
      product line; I took a quick look at the 3138 and I can't tell what may be
      also on the USB bus that you've been connecting the audio device to - if

      Also: is there a DELL client system update (or something similarly named)
      utility on the system? You typically run the utility and it will phone home
      and get a catalog of software for your system ... and if there's anything
      newer make that available for update. There may be other OS drivers or even
      system firmware (not necessarily BIOS) that may impact this. Be sure the
      system is up-to-date. (I've received plenty of servers and Latitude systems
      that needed updates - just weeks after their manufacturer.)

      You could also post on the WSJT development list a message to see if some of
      the guys familiar with the code have any ideas what may be occurring in the
      code that could cause this.

      Bob W1QA
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