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12832RE: [wsjtgroup] WSJT 1.3 crashes Windows 8.1

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  • Bob McCormick
    Jun 29, 2014
      Kai KE4PT wrote:

      > With no external USB audio device connected, WSJT 1.3
      > seems to work OK, including decoding the sample files.
      > Next I connect the a USB sound card (Signalink-USB).
      > Windows 8.1 crashes and enters a re-start mode with
      > almost any action I take in WSJT, including just moving
      > the panel on the desktop. Sometimes the
      > restart is immediate, sometimes it takes just a mouse action.
      > On one occasion, after crashing and before restarting
      > Windows popped up a green screed with the notation:
      > PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and referenced
      > an issue with "usbaudio.sys" file.

      The file usbaudio.sys is part of the Windows operating system - the USB
      audio class system driver.

      more info here:

      or this shorter link:

      In Windows when the Plug and Play enumerator finds a compatible audio device
      it uses this driver to communicate with it.

      As I don't have a Signalink USB device I can't test this myself - maybe
      someone else can respond. Does that device use the built-in Microsoft
      driver? Or does it have its own driver that you need to load?

      Windows Update - everything up-to-date?

      You could try plugging the device into a different USB port. If you've got
      it plugged into a USB3 port try a USB2 port. Or just try a different port.

      WSJT-X may be making certain calls that Digipan PSK, MMTTY and JT65HF are
      not making - hence the issue.

      Bottom line: whatever the application is doing shouldn't crash Windows -
      this would seem to indicate either a problem with the driver or the

      Bob W1QA
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