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12829Re: [wsjtgroup] WSJT-X crashed when used with Virtual Serial Port Slitter

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  • Joe Subich, W4TV
    Jun 27, 2014
      WSJT-X (Hamlib) reacts badly to unexpected data on the CAT
      port. VSPE is an *unmanaged* splitter and repeats the data
      responses to any application to all applications. It is not
      likely it will work in your situation ...

      If you were using Ham Radio Deluxe or DXLab Suite (DXKeeper)
      as your logger/rig control program WSJT-X could cooperate with
      them. The alternate would be to convince those who maintain
      Hamlib to support OmniRig but since that is a Windows specific
      program that's not a likely solution. Otherwise you're best
      off disconnecting the other logging programs and VSPE when you
      run WSJT-X if you want to run rig control in WSJT-X.


      ... Joe, W4TV

      On 2014-06-27 8:35 PM, svtdoug@... [wsjtgroup] wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am fairly new user to WSJT-X and love it. Best of the JT-HF direvitives by far, and decodes much more reliably. I am using v. 1.3 r3673.
      > But I am having issues trying to get WSJT-X running with CAT, every attempt results in WSJT-X crashing. Because I am also using several other programs which need to share the rigs (IC-7600) serial port (Log4OM, Hamport and N1MM), and WSJT-X does not utilize a rig sharing facility like OmniRig, I need to use a Virtual Serial Port Emulator or splitter. I am using VPSE v 0.938 from Eterlogic.com. It takes the normal COM6 and emulates it as COM8, so I have all programs set to use COM8. This splitter works for all my other programs, OmniRig and N1MM via COM8. But when I set WSJT-X to use COM8, it reads the rig frequency and shortly thereafter crashes, with no error message. If I remove the VSPE and connect WSJT-X to use COM6, it reads the rig fine, with no crashes, but no other programs can!
      > Any help on this would be appreciated!
      > Doug
      > W7DRM
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