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12820Re: [wsjtgroup] top band suggestions?

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  • Jim Brown
    Jun 25, 2014
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      On 6/25/2014 9:57 AM, w5xz@... [wsjtgroup] wrote:
      > are there any year-round top banders in this group?

      Not year round, but I've been working JT65A on Top Band for a few years.
      NO3M has a spectacular Top Band RX antenna system. Google to look at it.
      I can work him almost anytime with 5W on CW.

      Most JT65 ops on 160 are in the 20W to a wet string space, with high
      noise levels. I had a sked with a W0 who was running 10-20W. I started
      calling him at 20W, increasing in 3dB steps. At 400W he heard me.

      I have Beverages and three nearly full size TX verticals.

      In spring and fall, the east coast guys work VK, and since I'm sort of
      in the middle, I leave my rig on all night feeding spots. That was
      really great when JT65HF was set up to feed W6CQZ's reverse beacon. PSK
      Reporter is not nearly as useful.

      73, Jim K9YC
      Santa Cruz, CA
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