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12819top band suggestions?

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  • w5xz@att.net
    Jun 25, 2014

      are there any year-round top banders in this group?

      so far, i have mostly been swl'ing on 160 and 80m; this time of year,

       though, most 'normal' people don't spend much time on low freq's.

      have just recently discovered and started using this incredible software.

       I was able to copy NO3M with ONE watt on a band that had steady s-9+

       QRN from every direction ( HiZ 4 sq for receive ); there was no trace

       whatsoever in my SmartSDR panadapter or waterfall. ( flex 6500, SmartSDR, SmartCat,

       DAX ). so, I'm IMPRESSED!!

      trans-continental northern hemisphere propagation is typically dismal

       through the summer months, here.  I'm wondering if KW power levels

       could blast through?

      GREAT JOB creating this software!

      73, W5XZ, Dan, a digi-mode newbie....Longview, Texas

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