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12815WSJT 10.0 Planned Updates

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  • ki7mt
    Jun 23, 2014
      Hello All,

      Just wanted to send out a heads up.

      Over the next couple weeks, I'll be updating the WSJT build system and clean up the top directory. The updates will mainly impact *Nix/Mac and bring the build system up to date, similar to what WSPR has now. The changes should not have any affect on the application itself.

      Joe has posted a current version of WSJT 10.0 on his web-site (for Windows), which should hold folks over until the updates are finished, unless of course, there's something pressing that needs addressed. Once all the updates are complete, we'll get an updated version of WSJT back into Debian/Ubuntu, but there's a fare amount of work needed before that can happen. I believe Richard already has a version building for Fedora so the updates should only make that build easier.

      There are several Makefiles currently in SVN, some are very old. To my knowledge, only two are being used. If anyone has special system requirements for building WSJT, please post them on the dev-list.

      No files will be deleted, however, old, obsolete or no longer needed items will be moved to an archive folder until we're sure they are no longer of value. If something you need goes missing, check there first.

      The following is a list of changes (not all inclusive, but close) that are planned. Same as before, if anyone has special requirements or system needs, post them to the dev-list:

      Planned Changes
      * Update autotools files (configure.ac, Makefile.in, autogen.sh)
      * Consolidate aclocal.m4 into configure.ac
      * Add autotools-dev files (config.guess, config.sub, install.sh etc) to build-aux
      * Consolidate the Makefiles, 1x for Win32, 1x for *Nix/Mac
      * Move documents and manpages to their own dir's
      * Add an appropriate manpage (source & build)
      * Update copyright headers / files
      * Move old / obsolete files to an archive folder
      * Add a tar file gen script for Joe and package maintainers
      * Add install / uninstall targets to Makefile.in
      * Reconfigure the build to use gfortran, and omit G95
      * Update any .f90 file names as needed.

      There are a couple patches that different Linux distros have implemented to enhance wsjt.py (single channel audio detection, KVASD distro omissions, etc), but I need to discuss them with Joe before actioning them. If you have any custom patches you'd like implemented, post them to the dev-list so Joe can make the call on how to proceed. I think Joe is back in town the first week in July. I'm not sure if before or after the July 4th Holiday, so there's plenty of time.

      Will post updates as things progress.

      Greg, KI7MT