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12813WSJT and WSJT-X : 2 beginner questions.

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  • thierrylepine@ymail.com
    Jun 22, 2014
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      Hi all,

      I am using WSPR for a few months and I just started WSJT and WSJT-X a few weeks ago because I would like to participate to the Brendan quest in early july, at least to detect VC1T.

      I just have two questions :

      - WSPR and WSJT-X have the CAT control possibility which is very convenient. Why WSJT doesn't offer this possibility ?

      - There are still some confusions in my mind when I try to compare WSJT and WSJT-X as regards the JT65 mode. Which type of JT65 is implemented in WSJT-X ? A, B, C, B2, C2 ? 

      Thank you for help,

      Best regards,

      Thierry – F5LHF.