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12809WSPR4 gets confused with mid-stream band changes

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  • Sander Pool
    Jun 19, 2014

    as reported earlier WSPR4 is totally stable for me. Ran band hopping
    overnight and it worked great. External auto tuner switches from band to
    band without trouble.

    Earlier I discovered a minor issue I think is easy to fix. Yesterday I
    switched from 20m to 6m and was surprised to see 6m contacts logged
    because I sure didn't hear anything and the band monitor was empty too.
    So my initial reaction was 'wow this stuff is sensitive'. I then
    listened some more and did some transmitting too. Nothing. That is when
    I took a closer look at the GUI and saw that the 6m contacts happened
    while it was still listening to 20m. I would say that is not correct.
    When the band is switched the current minute should probably be
    discarded. Or if contacts have already been reliably decoded they should
    be logged against the previous band, not the current one.

    I have attached a screenshot that explains the situation. If it doesn't
    make it through I'll upload.


    Sander W1SOP