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12808WSPR 4.0

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  • Larry
    Jun 19, 2014
      Got it going and let it run overnight on 630 meters. Band condx were not
      good so few decodes but operation was smooth and reliable. Also ran it
      for a while on 30 meters during the day while getting it set up and it
      was fine there also.

      Never did get it to transmit. Was trying to get a new TS-590S going with
      only the USB interface but can not get the radio and software to talk
      together. Probably just me not being familiar with the Kenwood and doing
      something wrong. If someone has gone through the effort of getting the
      TS-590s to play with WSJT/WSJT-X/WSPR using only the USB interface, I
      could use some tips.

      Having the audio level slider out where it can be seen is nice as is the
      brightness/contrast controls. But... I miss the near real time expanded
      waterfall that is in WSPR-X. It's no big thing on HF where 99.9% of the
      WSPR users are, but on LF/MF it is really really nice to have.

      Yes, I can and do set up Spectran but it's a pain to tweak it in for the
      parameters required for WSPR on MF.

      I did notice that Spectran was 10 Hz different frequency readout than
      WSPR 4.0. Took me a while to realize that WSPR now uses the 48 kHz
      soundcard sample rate whereas I had Spectran set up for the traditional
      11 kHz sample rate. Changing Spectran to 48 kHz set things right.

      Now if I could only find the time to look at WSJT-10!!

      Thanks & 73,

      Larry - W7IUV