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12807Re: [wsjtgroup] WSJT10 -- How to Set Audio To Right Channel

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  • Joe Taylor
    Jun 19, 2014
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      K9YC wrote:
      > I'm running a Tascam stereo USB sound card, which I have set up for two
      > radios (for SO2R contesting). The radio I use for non-contest operation
      > is on the right channel. I have no trouble selecting the right channel
      > for WSJT-X, but can't find the setting in WSJT 10.

      WSJT is about 13 years old, and there has not been any significant
      demand for an ability to select Right or Left input channel. If it's
      important, it would not be very hard to add such capability.

      -- Joe, K1JT
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