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12794Re: [wsjtgroup] WSPR & WSPRX

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  • Joe Taylor
    Jun 18, 2014
      Hi Larry and all,

      W7IUV wrote:
      > Recently I have been using WSPR-X for 630 meter band monitoring of the
      > experimental stations. While I like the user interface better than the
      > old WSPR ver 2.11, it seems to have a few issues. ...

      Thanks for your report.

      Nobody is presently working on WSPR-X. It was developed as an
      experimental offshoot of WSPR, while I was exploring some different
      programming techniques and tools.

      As it see it, the only good motivation for using WSPR-X right now is
      that it offers an extra-slow mode, WSPR-15. As far as I'm aware, there
      is little or no use of WSPR-15, on any band. (Perhaps I am wrong?)

      Is there some reason why WSPR 2.12 does not do what you want?

      At present the active development branch is WSPR 4.0. Quite a few
      people are using this version, having compiled it for themselves.

      -- 73, Joe, K1JT
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