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12792Re: [wsjtgroup] WSPR & WSPRX

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  • Rudy Benner
    Jun 18, 2014
      I have seen the same problem.
      Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 10:37 AM
      To: WSJT
      Subject: [wsjtgroup] WSPR & WSPRX

      Recently I have been using WSPR-X for 630 meter band monitoring of the
      experimental stations. While I like the user interface better than the
      old WSPR ver 2.11, it seems to have a few issues. I hesitated mentioning
      them before because I thought, as usual, I was the only one with issues.
      But it seems some of the other guys using WSPR-X are having the same
      problems, so I am asking the development team to look into this as time

      WSPR-X works great for long periods of time, then will stop decoding
      stations. This seems to be random and occurs very seldom but usually
      during the middle of the night when I can't watch it.

      The above problem happens so infrequently, that I could ignore it but,
      what I can't ignore is the loss of spots uploaded to WSPRnet. At random
      times, the program will just stop uploading for no apparent reason. It
      does decode and display the spots on the local screen OK when this
      happens, so there is no indication there is a problem unless you happen
      to be watching WSPRnet. Stoping the program and restarting will
      re-establish the link to WSPRnet.

      I miss the old DOS command line screen that listed failures to upload. I
      see a little note at the bottom of the WSPR-X screen that tells when
      spots are uploading but it's faster than my old eyes and I usually can't
      catch what it is displaying or even it it displays an error message.

      If I can help trouble shoot in any way, please ask.


      Larry - W7IUV

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