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12782Re: [wsjtgroup] Is it just me? .. garbage/suspect callsigns .. suspect locations

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  • Jim Bennett
    Jun 13, 2014
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      From what I have seen, this is caused by either your station or the other station having their computer clock NOT exactly on UTC. It has to be +- one second.

      If you see it only occasionally on one particular station's transmissions, it is probably him. If you see it on a LOT of different signals, it is probably YOUR computer out of sync.

      You can tell if this is the case by looking at the column titled "DT". This should be very close to zero on all decoded signals. The signals that I've seen where the station calls are bogus or the grid square is on Jupiter have a DT of +- 1.4 and so forth.

      Hope that helps. 73, Jim / W6JHB

      On   Friday, Jun 13, 2014, at  Friday, 5:58 AM, g3xdh@...

      Just getting started with WSJT-X .. quite impressed.


      I am seeing decodes of callsigns which, checking QRZ, are invalid.

      There is a high proportion of apparently valid but not registered with QRZ .. a much higher proportion than on eg PSK31

      Also seeing a fair number of locations in the middle of oceans .. usually with unrecognised calls ..  are there that many hams working /mm & not saying?

      or is my setup not optimum for decoding?

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