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12618Re: [wsjtgroup] RM-11708

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  • Jim Brown
    May 3, 2014
      I agree with Joe's assessment. I think the League has screwed up on this

      73, Jim K9YC

      On 5/3/2014 6:44 AM, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
      > The only thing RM-11708 accomplishes is allow PACTOR 4 - a commercial
      > protocol for internet and e-mail access that operates at 1800 baud
      > in a 2.4 KHz bandwidth - in the bands traditionally protected from
      > interference by wideband transmissions. PACTOR 4 has a crest factor
      > (peak to average ratio) of less that 4 dB; that is 2 dB less than
      > PACTOR 3 which is already a significant source of interference it
      > the upper portions of the "CW and RTTY bands".
      > In addition, RM-11708 opens the door to STANAG, MS-110 and other
      > 2400/3600 baud 2.8 KHz wide protocols. A single station using any
      > one of these protocols (PACTOR 4, STANAG, MS-110, etc.) can wipe
      > out the entire JT65 or JT9 "watering hole" - and most of*both*
      > on a given band.
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