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12611WSPR Source Tree Updates - (builds, docs, hamlib, fmt, wspr0 etc)

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  • ki7mt
    May 2, 2014
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      Hello All,

      I started cleaning up the WSPR source tree yesterday. The following is a summary things I've done, and things in need of assistance. If anyone is looking for things "To-Do", there is plenty here:

      *Overall Status*
      - WSPR-4.0:............. Builds and Runs nicely (Win32 & Linux)
      - FMT:...................... Builds and Runs nicely (Win32 & LInux)
      - WSPR0:................. Fails To Build
      - WSPR_NoGui.py: .. Fails To Build

      *Created Folders*
      - wspr/archive (for obsolete items, on hold, unknown status etc)
      - wspr/hamlib (for all the Win32/64 dlls / exe and rig list files)
      - wspr/doc/{man1} (for docs, and manpages)
      - hamlib_rig_numbers needs to stay in /wspr for (*nix), else you wont get your pick list
      - Added README files to the sub-folders, need one fer the main /wspr folder for build instruction.

      - Makefile.in, configure.ac ( for Python3 and F2PY3 )
      - Updated WSPR.iss for new hamlib location wspr/hamlib
      - You should run autoconf before ./configure
      - In configure, list out Python and F2PY, for example (x86_64 Ubuntu type system):

      cd src/wspr
      autoconf &&
      ./configure --with-portaudio-lib-dir=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu \
      --with-portaudio-include-dir=/usr/include \
      PYTHON=/usr/bin/python3 \

      *Things Needing Attention*

      ** Lib File(s): (*.f90, fftw3, portaudio ) Needs verification
      - Need to check libwspr.a include files against WSJT and other apps for latest versions

      ** Autotools Build Ssystem
      - The autotools build chain (Makefile.am, configure.ac *.m4) needs to be updated

      ** WSPR0
      - Fails to build, PA_undefined errors and a few others
      - Looks like a useful tool, just needs a bit of attention
      - Maybe we move this to it's own sub-folder && own Makefile.in

      ** WSPR_NOGUI_PY
      - Fails to build, needs updating to Python3 syntax (lots of them)
      - I tested it after fixing Syntax, it's not decoding at all.
      - Maybe we move this to it's own sub-folder Makefile.in ?

      * Documentation - Lots of To-Do Here*
      WSPR_4.0_User_Guide.txt (needs updating / converting to AsciiDoc Format)
      WSPR0_Instructions.txt (needs verifying and coversion to AsciiDoc format)
      WSPR_4.0_User.docx (needs verifying and/or moved to wspr/archive )
      WSPR_Announcement.TXT (Needs added to WSPR Doc Tree and Preserve Announcement)
      WSPR_Howto_MacOSX (needs updating and addec to WSPR AsciiDoc Files)
      WSPR_nogui.txt (needs updaing, converted to AsciiDoc formation and added to WSPR docs)
      WSPR_QuickStart.txt (Needs updating, converted to AsciiDoc Format and added to WSPR docs).

      As docs are converted over to AsciiDoc format, we can probably remove them, or stick them in /wspr/archive until we're sure nobody is using them.

      That's all fer Now,

      Greg, KI7MT

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