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12595Re: [wsjtgroup] 160M

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  • Brian Duffell
    Apr 28 3:58 PM
      Jim Bennett <w6jhb@...> wrote:

      > I'm equipped to do JT9/JT65 on 160 with an Inverted L. It isn't very high
      > and I've got but two elevated (18") radials, thans to CC&R / HOA crud. But
      > it does work and I've nearly completed WAS on 160 with it, running no more
      > than 500 watts and doing very, very casual operating. So far, all QSO's
      > have been CW, but I'm up for doing some JT QSO's on the band. The $64m
      > question I have is: WHERE? I've seen several different web pages
      > indicating different frequencies. Add to that the "danger" of (God forbid)
      > infringing on some universally agreed upon band segments. I've seen the
      > posts on the Yahoo Top Band reflector denouncing the poor souls who
      > accidentally "trespass" into one of those areas. So, what's the consensus
      > in this group as to the proper JT-mode frequency on 160 meters?

      I regularly use JT65 and occasionally JT9 on 160, just above 1838KHz. I
      normally use 30w but occasionally up to 100w to a low inverted L.

      In recent winter months I have worked down into most (16)eastern states as
      far as LA with my low power and bit of wet string, usually between 0200 and

      Band's a bit quiet now that summer is aproaching. Haven't heard anything
      much since February.

      Brian Duffell
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