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12390RE: [wsjtgroup] RE: WSJT-X v1.3 r3673 startup rig control issue

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  • Bob McCormick
    Feb 21, 2014
      Gill G4WJS wrote:

      > As Andy says, it's always been like that.
      > In the new CAT control stuff for the next release I am aiming
      > for something similar.
      > Like all logging programs with CAT control I think startup should
      > not "steal" the rig, instead the application should synchronize
      > with the rig and it's up to you the operator to make the first move.
      > I think this is important because starting wsjtx doesn't necessarily
      > coincide with starting to use wsjtx.

      You may be using your rig for something other than WSJT?! <grin>

      > For example I might be in a QSO on CW or fone and I don't
      > want a program startup on my computer to butt in and take
      > over the rig.

      Agreed - and good point. (In which case the fact that when I start WSJT now that it diddles with my VFO B is probably bad behaviour.)

      > I don't think choosing a band to operate on before listening or
      > calling is that onerous.

      I concur.

      Thanks all for the replies!

      Bob W1QA
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