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12386RE: WSJT-X v1.3 r3673 startup rig control issue

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  • k3wyc
    Feb 21, 2014

      "I don't think choosing a band to operate on before listening or calling is that onerous."

      No it's not onerous.  However it is very misleading to put a band in the selected band indicator, indicate that CAT/Split is fully operational, but have the VFOs not be on the correct freqs.  it's easy enough to make an operator error without having the application provide misleading information.

      N1MM logger, which I suspect has far more users that wsjt-x, does take over my rig on startup.   if I didn't want it to I would not start it.

      However, if wsjt-x provided continuous readouts of both VFO which I think is your intention, than the misleading argument goes away.


      Andy k3wyc

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